Student Visa Consultant

As experienced migration and education agents, we excel at helping students achieve their dreams to study in Australia. Applying for a student visa can typically be a long and tedious process for an individual, but our student visa migration agent can save you from that arduous process by offering a comprehensive range of services, from career counselling to post-arrival assistance.

  • Career counselling: Some students want to experience studying in Australia, but are not quite sure of which courses to study. We counsel students through the many available options depending on their area of interest. Our experienced career counsellors take into consideration the student’s educational background, aptitude, qualifications and strengths, and help them choose the most suitable career path. We also keep track of the latest employment trends in the job market.
  • Course selection: So you have pinpointed what you want to study. The only question left is, which institutions offer the courses that you want? We can help you answer those questions! Our student visa migration agent can conduct one-on-one sessions to determine your long term goals. By assessing your career goals, interests and financial requirements, we suggest the most suitable program available at the most suitable university for the course through personal guidance. Our student visa consultants can also advise you on the flexible study options available to you while studying abroad.
  • Admission process: Applying for admission at any educational institution can be tough, given all the requirements. Our student visa consultant can help smoothen out the whole process for you by directly getting in touch with the institutions about all the details required for your application. This saves you from all the hassle required for preparing the documentation.
  • Student visa application: For most applicants, the student visa application is probably the toughest part if you don’t have the expertise. However, with us, you are in safe hands! Our student visa consultants can help the visa application process go smoothly.
  • Student visa extensions: If you’re on an international student visa and need to extend your stay in Australia, you can reapply for a student visa with the help of a student visa extension consultant in Australia.

Once you’ve completed your studies, our post study work visa consultants can discuss your options moving forward and provide you with post study guidance and assistance. As is with all applications, our company ensures that YOU are in control. We only provide guidance to push you in the right direction, and attend to all the difficult work so that you can rest easy.

Whether you’re an Indian student seeking a visa extension, or a Canadian looking to spend a few years in Australia on a study visa, get in touch with Aust Migration & Settlement Services to discover how our student visa migration agent can help you.