Subclass 444

Subclass 444: Special Category Visa

The 444 visa is a temporary visa that allows you to visit, live, study and work in Australia if you have a New Zealand citizenship.

With this visa, you can:

  • Enter and stay in Australia.
  • Study and work full time in Australia.
  • Bring your Immediate family with you to Australia if they are New Zealand citizens.
  • Apply for Medicare.
  • Apply for Citizenship once eligible. 

Subclass 444 - Special Category Eligibility

To be eligible for a Subclass 444 - Special Category visa, you must: 

You should be a New Zealand citizen and hold a valid NZ passport to apply for this visa.


If you are currently holding an Australian visa, it should not have a ‘ No further stay rule’ imposed on it.

You should not have failed the character requirements.

You should not have failed the health requirements required to apply for the visa.

Steps to apply for a Subclass 444 Visa

Summary of cost estimates for your application

We have summarised a cost estimate for a Subclass 444 - Special Category visa application as below.

Processing Times for Special Category Visa

If you apply on arrival in Australia, your application will be processed at the airport.

If you apply inside Australia, your application may take longer to process depending upon your individual circumstances.

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    How do I apply for the visa on arrival?

    When you enter Australia show your completed incoming passenger card with your valid New Zealand passport to an officer. You can also answer the health and character questions on SmartGate.

    How long can I stay with a Subclass 444 visa?

    The Subclass 444 visa lets you stay in Australia indefinitely.

    Can I include family members in this visa?

    No, your family members need to have a valid NZ passport and fill the passenger card separately when they enter Australia.

    Am I eligible to vote with a Subclass 444 visa?

    No, since it is a temporary visa, you are not eligible to cast your vote.

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