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Our Consulting Team

Edward Francis

Edward Francis

Edward is one of the directors of AustMSS, and has been a registered migration agent for over 15 years. He is a jack-of-all-trades, known for his ability to successfully handle myriads of complex migration cases, from business migration, skilled migration, family migration, to tribunal appeals.

Aside from being a MARA-Registered Migration Agent, Edward is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia, and a licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser.

Registered Migration Agent: 0004935
Member of the Migration Institute of Australia: 1066
Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser: 201502819

George Kurian

George Kurian

George is one of the directors of AustMSS. He has been practising as a Registered Migration agent since 2000, and has particular expertise in Student and Family visas. He spearheads the Overseas Education Services (OES), partner company of AustMSS, which handles all student visa application procedures, from the initial educational counselling, admission process, and visa applications.

Aside from being a MARA-Registered Migration Agent, he is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia.

“I consider the clients, the staff, and us directors as one entity working towards the same purpose – to get the best possible outcome in each case.” – George Kurian

Registered Migration Agent: 0322956
Member of the Migration Institute of Australia: 1757

Susan Chandy

Susan Chandy

Susan is a Senior Migration Agent with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She has been with AustMSS since the company’s inception in 2000 and has handled various types of cases with varying complexities.

Aside from being a MARA-Registered Migration Agent, Susan is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia, and a licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser.

“Every case is a challenge, and to get a successful outcome for each and every client – however challenging the case may be, is my number one priority.” – Susan Chandy

Registered Migration Agent: 0100058
Member of the Migration Institute of Australia: 1229
Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser: 201502848


Aust Migration & Settlement Services (“AustMSS”) is a successful migration consultancy firm located at the heart of Melbourne CBD. Established in 2000, the business has grown extensively throughout the years, serving thousands of clients since its inception. Overseas Education Services (“OES”) operates under the AustMSS flagship, and is aimed at providing comprehensive educational and student migration services.

Aust Migration mainly provides assistance in visitor, family, work, and skilled migration visas while OES is highly-focused in providing assistance in student visas, from the initial educational counselling to the actual visa application stage.

The business aims to be of service to both Australia and potential immigrants, and strives to gain the best possible outcome to both parties. It seeks to be of service to the nation by getting the best immigrants to Australia, while also giving the best possible solutions to the people who desire to make their residence in Australia.

Our Core Values

Aust Migration and Settlement Services is a company based on values. The company revolves around honesty, integrity, and respect. We make sure that all cases are well-scrutinised with a good probability of success before taking them up. We understand that our clients’ desire to achieve their dreams at the soonest possible time frame, and with the lowest possible cost. As such, the whole team strives and excels to deliver the greatest outcome for our clients’ satisfaction. The company puts the utmost priority in the fulfilment of our clients’ dreams ensures that we provide our clients with the most economical way to get their visas.

Our Reputation

In the CBD, there are a vast number of agents, but the company stands out as one of the most reliable, honest, and efficient workers in the industry.

Aust Migration prides itself in its massively high success rate which continues to grow higher as time passes by. We have maintained and are continuously improving our standard of service.

We are proud to state that most of our business originates from word of mouth referrals – our expenses for advertisement are very low compared to other companies of similar calibre. Most of our clients are repeat customers referring their relatives and friends to the business. This is a testament to our clients’ trust in our ability to handle each case successfully.

The company prides in its ability to provide customised services which is highly customer-focused, and has established a solid reputation within the industry due to its consistently exceptional service and countless successful outcomes.

AustMSS offers careful management of the customer’s affairs regardless of where in the world they reside and we are no more than an e-mail, fax, or phone call away. The company invests in the continuous development of its team in order to constantly provide the best migration advice to its clientele. AustMSS adheres to systematic processes to ensure compliance with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s regulations, while acting under the clients’ best interest at all times.

Our Pricing Structure

We offer the most competitive pricing amongst the market, given the combined experience and expertise between all agents. We ensure that our prices are affordable, and we give our clients flexibility of payments in the form of instalments. This gives our clients the scope to trust us with our applications, and they are kept aware of each step of the work being done, while understanding the amount of time spent while working on their cases.

The final instalment of our fees is generally paid upon case allocation.

Our Team

Both AustMSS and OEG are spearheaded by three Registered Migration Agents: Mr. Edward Francis, Ms. Susan Chandy and Mr. George Kurian, who are supported by a team of experienced counsellors and administrative officers. All agents have been practising in the industry for over 15 years now, and have conquered one milestone to another while taking up and successfully sorting out difficult cases.

It is a company wherein the directors and the staff work closely as a team, with each staff member trained thoroughly. All staff members are vastly knowledgeable and experienced in honed from handling various types of cases, and are exceptional at handling each case systematically, meticulously, and diligently. The directors and staff members all work together, moved by one spirit, with the vision and commitment to providing the best possible service to its clients and Australia.