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Subclass 602: Medical Treatment visa

This temporary visa allows individuals to travel to or remain in Australia for medical treatment or to support someone needing medical treatment (such as donating an organ) who holds or has applied for this visa.

You can be any age to apply for the visa. 

With this visa, you can:

  • stay in Australia until the treatment plan or consultations are finished
  • be granted single entry or multiple entries to Australia depending on your situation

Subclass 602 - Medical Treatment visa Eligibility

To be eligible for a Subclass 602 - Medical Treatment visa, you must: 

If you are in Australia, you must not hold, or the last substantive visa you held must not have been, a:

  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403) granted in the Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream


 unless exempt.

You must only intend to stay temporarily in Australia.

An intention to stay here temporarily does not apply if you are in Australia, and are aged 50 years or older, and have been refused a permanent visa due to not meeting the health requirement and is unfit to depart Australia.

While you are in Australia, you must have adequate means or access to means to support yourself.

This includes paying for:

  • your travel to Australia
  • your medical treatment
  • other expenses related to your stay in Australia
  • the expenses of anyone who comes with you to Australia (including an organ donor’s expenses).

You must either be in one of the below situation to be eligible for the visa: 

  • Intend to have medical treatment or consultations in Australia
  • Intend to donate an organ to someone in Australia
  • Intend to support a patient or organ donor who holds or is applying for this visa
  • Intend to receive an organ from someone who travels to Australia with you
  • Intend to come to Australia under the arrangements between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health
  • Be in Australia, aged 50 years or older, been refused an Australian permanent visa on health grounds only and are unfit to depart Australia

You must pre-arrange payment of your medical costs, and demonstrate that it will not cost the Australian government money.

You must not have a medical condition that could be a threat to public health.

You might not be eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.

You and family members aged 16 years and over who apply for the visa with you must meet the Department’s health and character requirements.

Steps to apply for a Medical Treatment Visa

Processing Times for Medical treatment Visa

75% of applications are processed in 25 Days

90% of applications are processed in 71 Days

25 Days
71 Days

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    How does the Department define medical treatment?

    Medical treatment, by Department’s definition, include:

    • Minor and major medical procedures
    • Life saving treatment and other surgeries
    • Cosmetic treatment
    • In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)
    • Giving birth
    • Consultation and testing

    Not included:

    • Homeopathy
    • Surrogate motherhood
    Can I apply for the visa with the condition 8503 in my current visa?

    You cannot apply for this visa if you have a condition 8503 on the visa. You must apply to waive the condition, before applying for the visa. 

    Can I study on this visa?

    You can study for up to 3 months (or longer if you meet the exemption criteria. You will meet the exemption criteria if you are: 

    • Under 18 years old;
    • Have experienced a change of circumstances while in Australia; and
    • Have the written permission of a delegate to engage in studies or training for more than three months because compelling and compassionate circumstances exist
    Can I apply for this visa if I am supporting someone seeking medical treatment?

    Yes, you can apply for the visa if you are supporting someone seeking treatment. 

    Why might a Subclass 602 might be refused?

     You are unlikely to be granted if:

    • If the applicant carries a disease that is a risk to public health, such as tuberculosis
    • if an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident would be disadvantaged by the applicant obtaining medical treatment or consultation if the visa were granted.
    How does the Department access that you have access to adequate funds?

    The DHA will objectively  access that applicant will have adequate means/access to adequate means to support themselves during the period of the applicant’s intended stay in Australia. This might include an assessment into factors such as accomodation/funds that could be those provided by relatives or friends in Australia

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