Subclass 804

Subclass 804 - Aged Parent Visa

Subclass 804 visa is an onshore parent visa application that allows aged parents of Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen to permanently live in Australia.

Benefits of Subclass 804 - Aged Parent Visa

Remain in Australia while visa is being processsed.

Sponsor Eligible Family Members to Australia.

Direct Permanent Residency Pathway, if granted.

Subclass 804 Visa Eligibility

To be approved as a Subclass 804 visa, you must:

  • be old enough to receive the age pension in Australia; 
  • be sponsored by an eligible child who is a settled Australian citizen, Australian Permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen;
  • meet the balance-of-family test;
  • meet all visa conditions and follow Australian law;
  • not have already applied for or hold a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 870) visa when applying for this visa;
  • Meet health and character requirement; and
  • Have assurance of support

How do I meet the
Balance of Family Test?

You meet the balance of family test if:

At least half of your children and step-children are eligible children

A child is an eligible child if they are:

  • an Australian citizen, or 
  • an Australian permanent resident usually resident in Australia, or
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia

Any other child of the parent is an ineligible child.

More eligible children living in Australia than in any other single country

Children are not counted if they:

  • are deceased
  • have been removed from their parents' exclusive legal custody by adoption, court order or operation of law
  • are registered by UNHCR as refugees and live in a camp operated by the UNHCR
  • live in a country where they suffer persecution or human rights abuse and can't be reunited with their parents in another country

What parent visa is suitable for me?

“Non-Contributory” visas, such as Subclass 804 visa have a lower Department fee for lodgement and processing, however, has a more extended waiting period (close to 25 – 30 years). Generally, if you are above 65, you can opt to apply for Contributory Aged Parent Visa. However, if the lodged in Australia, this visa lets the aged parent remain in Australia on a bridging visa while their application is processed (for up to 30 years). However, you may not receive any medicare benefits whilst in Australia. 

In contrast, Contributory visa have a higher turnaround time (approximately five years from the lodgement date) but a higher processing fee (close to $48,000).

Parent visa to Permanent Residency

Apply for a Subclass 804 Visa and Pay the First Instalment

Once our Registered Migration Agents deem you eligible for a 804 visa, we will assist you in applying for the visa and pay the first instalment of fees. 

Sent to Application Queue

Department Officers will assess your application and will place in a queue, until a place becomes available for further processing.

*Please note that Subclass 804 is subjected to visa capping. 

Selected for Further Processing

Once a place becomes available, the Department will then process the visa again. 

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    What is an assurance of support?

    An Assurance of Support is a legal agreement you make with the Department to help someone get a visa to live in Australia. It is the sponsor’s promise to pay the Department back for any income support the Department give them.

    Will I receive the Assurance of Support back?

    The bond is refunded ten years after you enter Australia as the holder of the contributory parent visa, less any debts owed to the Australian government.

    Do I have access to Medicare if I apply for Subclass 804?

    804 visa is not eligible for medicare. 

    When do I have to pay for an Assurance of Support?

    Assurance of Support is generally payable after each applicant has passed health and character tests. 

    Summary of cost estimates
    for your application

    We have summarised a cost estimate for a Parent Visa application as below.

    804 Visa

    AUD 4,560

    Payable to the Department of Home Affairs.

    Assurance of


    Paid directly to the Government agency that collects the Assurance of Support.

    Medical and Police


    Paid directly to the agency that conducts your health and character checks

    Subclass 804 and COVID-19 Concessions

    If you have applied in Australia for a Aged Parent (subclass 804) visa and

    • you applied for the visa before 24 March 2021 and
    • you were outside Australia on 24 March 2021

    your visa can be granted while you are outside Australia if you meet all other visa criteria during the COVID-19 concession period.

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