The Department will increase imposition of “no further stay” conditions on visitor visas

To avoid using visitor visas to subvert offshore student visa integrity checks, the Government will increase the imposition of no further stay condition on visitor visas.
The Department has advised that if a prospective student is offshore and looking to come to Australia, they should apply for a student visa offshore.


Australia has long been a favoured destination for international students seeking quality education and diverse cultural experiences. However, this popularity has sometimes led to attempts to exploit the system. One common tactic involves individuals applying for visitor visas with the intention of later transitioning to student visas after arriving in the country. While visitor visas are meant for temporary stays for tourism or visiting family and friends, some exploit them as a means to enter Australia with the ultimate goal of pursuing studies.

The No Further Stay Condition

The no further stay condition, also known as Condition 8503, is a restriction imposed on certain Australian visas. It prevents visa holders from applying for most other visas while they are in Australia. By intensifying the application of this condition on visitor visas, the government aims to curtail the misuse of these visas for purposes other than their intended temporary stay.

As prospective students navigate the visa application process, the Department has urged them to stay informed and comply with the prescribed requirements, thus contributing to the maintenance of a robust and credible student visa system.

For those navigating Student Visa, reach out to us. 

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