Parent Visas Capped for FY 2023-2024: What You Need to Know

Date: 03 April 2024

Migration (Granting of Contributory Parent Visas, Parent Visas and Other Family Visas During Financial Year 2023-2024) Instrument (LIN 24/004) 2024 came into effect today. 

This legislative instrument sets caps for visas as below:

1️⃣ Contributory Parent visas at 6,800
2️⃣ Parent visas at 1,700, and
3️⃣ Other Family visas at 500.

Visa Capping

‘Visa capping’ means there is a maximum number of visas that can be granted each migration program year. Once the Department reach that number, no more visas may be granted that year. All remaining visa applications will remain in the ‘queue​’ until a place becomes available in a future program year.

The Department has outlined that these allocations aim to manage visa application processing equitably, considering the high demand for these visas compared to available spots.

Why is the Department capping Family/Parent Visa?

The Australian Government’s annual migration program allocates a limited number of visa places to Contributory Parent, Parent and Other Family classes of visas.

The Government announces the migration program numbers each year during the Budget. Capping of the visas through a legislative instrument is an annual process which has been in place since 2011.

The aim is to facilitate the orderly and equitable processing of visa applications in these visa categories, given that demand significantly outweighs the supply of available places.

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