Bridging A, B and C visa applications have gone digital from 1 August 2022

Bridging A, B and C visa applications are now digital from 1 August 2022

From August 01 2022, applications for Bridging visas A, B and C will only be accepted either through ImmiAccount or the webform on the Department’s website. Paper bridging visa applications will no longer be considered valid methods of application.

You can use this webform to apply for a bridging visa if: 

  • if the new bridging visa is associated with a substantive visa application;
  • to replace a bridging visa that has ceased (including if you have applied for review);
  • to ask to vary the conditions of your current bridging visa, or;
  • to ask permission to travel (BVB).

If you applied for your substantive visa by paper form, you can apply for a Bridging Visa A, B or C via the webform here.

If you meet the requirements for a web form, you must complete the questions and upload the relevant BV application form. Please note that there is a payment associated with BVB Applications.  

This webform cannot be used to apply for a Bridging visa E (BVE).

The Department website has reflected these changes as of 01 August 2022.


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