We help you settling down in your new home.

Our services include briefing the students before departure on travelling to a new country, adjusting to a new culture and educational environment, advice on travel and accommodation and most importantly post-arrival assistance. We will be guiding the students at every step even after they arrive in the country. This includes assistance at the airport and further travel. We also help them deal with problems during the course of their stay in Australia.

We often provide options to the students to change universities or courses if they feel there is a need. Once the students graduate, we also help with further studies should the student choose that option,alternatively our experienced Registered Migration Agents namely Edward Francis, Susan Chandy and George Kurian can also conduct a free assessment on the students if they qualify for migration to Australia. Our staff can be contacted by the students at any time. We also encourage our clients to contact other students who have gone before them and who can help them adjust to the new environment. Thus, our clients get the best educational experience possible while staying in Australia without worrying about relocation.