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visa Partner Visa: The Basics of De Facto Relationships

There are mandatory requirements which need to be met in order for a De Facto relationship to be considered under the Australian migration regulations, namely:

  • The couple has lived together under one roof or lived apart on a temporary basis;
  • The couple have a significant commitment to one another to have a shared life together;
  • The couple have an authentic relationship with a promised future;
  • The couple are unrelated by blood or affinity;
  • The couple must have been in the relationship for at least 12 months prior to lodging a visa application;
  • The partners have no impediment to marry one another.

Now, there are factors that need to be considered in determining when the couple has been in a ‘de facto’ relationship, such as:

  1. Background details on the relationship, from the start to its current status;
  2. Narration on how the relationship developed over time;
  3. Proof of commitment in supporting each other either emotionally, financially, physically and others;
  4. Details on communication between the couple, especially during periods of separation;
  5. Plans for the future as a couple

In the application, the following aspects of the relationship need to be properly detailed:

  1. Finances. This would include a description of financial obligations shared as a couple, such a joint account with a history of transactions of shared expenses. Other acceptable proof includes joint bills for rent and/or utilities, joint health insurance and other payables under both the couple’s names.
  2. Nature of Household. This would entail submission of documents as to a shared household between the couple. This would mean having purchase receipts in their names, joint household bills and letters addressed to the couple in the registered address.
  3. Social Context. This would be a submission of evidence that the couple is recognized by others as a couple, such as common invites as well as proof of attendance in social gatherings and other events with common friends.
  4. Proof of Commitment. This is proven by narration to authorities of the facts of the relationship, such as duration, intent for one another and correspondence with one another. This is done through a notarized declaration.

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