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visa Parent Visas

Australian citizens or permanent residents have the privilege of sponsoring their parent to immigrate to Australia. There are two main subcategories to the parent visa subclass, namely:

  1. Non Contributory Parent Visa: This is the one of the low priorities in the issuance of visas to Australia. According to the present planning levels of the Department of Home Affairs, the waiting time for this type of visa is thirty (30) years.
  2. Contributory Parent Visa: Though more expensive, there are more subclasses under this visa category:
    • Subclass 143 Permanent Visa or the Subclass 173 Temporary Visa is available to parents regardless of age;
    • Subclass 884 Temporary Visa and Subclass 864 Permanent Visa is for parents that have reached pension age.

The cost for this visa can be divided over time, often by applying for a Temporary Visa first then transitioning to a permanent visa after two (2) years.

In order for you to qualify for a Parent Visa, the first and foremost requirement is that the parent must have at least one child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

There is also what is termed as the “Balance of Family Test”. This test requires that at least half or more of your children are living in Australia, only then can one of your children sponsor you for the Parent Visa.

Another requirement is the Assurance of Support which is a legal commitment made by the sponsor to provide financial support to the Parent to avoid reliance on social welfare payments. Further requirements include basic health and character requirements for immigration to Australia.

This application needs to be lodged by both the sponsor and the applicant. The sponsor would need to put up a financial bond as well as Assurance of Support with Centrelink as a requirement prior to approval. The value of the bond depends on the earnings of the sponsor as well as the subclass visa applied for. Another factor would be the family composition of both the applicant and the sponsor.

While the whole process may seem to be tedious and expensive, availing of a Subclass 143 visa would have redounding benefits, which are as follows:

  • As Subclass 143 Visa holders, the parents would be allowed to reside, study and/or work in Australia during their stay;
  • The parents can avail Medicare privileges as long as they are able to comply with visa requisites before being considered as eligible for Australian citizenship;
  • If sponsored, permanent residency becomes a reality for the applicant;
  • The visa holders (parents) may leave and revisit Australia for a period of five (5) years from the date of the visa issuance. The parents are also eligible to avail of social security payments after the passage of the waiting period.

How Austmss can help:

Austmss are registered migration agents that can provide able assistance with each phase of the application, from documentation, requirements and other essential information. We can be reached at Level 3, Suite 306, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, Australia Tel: 61 3 9654 8611 / Fax: 61 3 9654 8622