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visa Online Visitor Visa Lodgement for Indian Passport Holders

From 1 July 2017, all holders of an Indian passport will be able to lodge Visitor visa applications online. With Australia becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, there has been increased demand for Australian visas in India. Over 65,000 Visitor visas alone were granted in the first four months of 2017.

Alex Hawke, the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, said the move to online lodgement will help improve the visitor experience by simplifying the process of applying for a Visitor visa. Convenient and accessible, online lodgement will benefit tourists and business visitors as well as those seeking to visit friends and family members. Advantages of lodging online include easy electronic payment of visa application charges and the ability to check the status of applications 24/7 through the ImmiAcOnline Visitor Visa Lodgement for Indian Passport Holders count portal.

By providing the ability to check applications online, online lodgement allows Indian applicants to finalise their visit sooner and feel confident that they have the right visa for their stay in Australia.
To learn more about online lodgement for Indian nationals, contact Aust Migration & Settlement Services by sending an email to or