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visa Notice on Bridging Visas for Travelers

The Department of Home Affairs recently advised that they would no longer allow face-to-face applications for Bridging Visa B. In lieu of such process, international travelers are urged to apply for this of visa at least four weeks before travel.

The Department advised that they found the need to transform the online channel into a self-service model for most, if not all, of its services. According to a recent report from The Australian, “(t)he Immigration office will only provide in-person service to visa applicants who have been invited by the Department for an interview starting later in 2018. More visas will now be lodged or through the post as the Department believes it will fasten the visa process via its new website.”

The Department has also acknowledged that complex visas and citizenship issues would still require face to face interaction.  For this, the immigration department will still conduct appointments with visa applicants when necessary. In these cases, an officer of the Department would schedule a face to face appointment or make a call on the matter.

The following are the other in-person services currently being undertaken for visa applications:

  • a.      Biometrics collection;
  • b.      Resolution of Status;
  • c.       Interviews for specific subclasses of visas;
  • d.      Citizenship test via appointment;

As a consequence to these procedural changes, the Department has urged international travelers to apply for bridging visas at least a month prior to their travel. This lead time of one month is to avoid the waiting times which may limit the ability of applicants to address issues with their visa applications.

How Austmss can help:

Austmss are registered migration agents that can provide able assistance with each phase of the Visa Application, from documentation, requirements and other essential information. We can be reached at Level 3, Suite 306, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, Australia Tel: 61 3 9654 8611 / Fax: 61 3 9654 8622