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The Minister has announced the new Temporary parent visa on the 1st March 2019. This temporary visa will be under the subclass 870 and can be applied for a period of three to five years with an option to extend it once for the same period as the first time.

The primary purpose of this visa is to allow parents to stay and reunite with their children and grandchildren in Australia.

This visa can be applied for a parent who can be a biological, adoptive or step-parents of the sponsor. The sponsor must be an Australian Citizen, Permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen.

The introduction of this program was primarily due to the concerns of the community of not having enough program for parents and the long waiting period for the approval.

The Temporary Sponsored Parent visa allows for a significantly longer stay period than a visitor visa, but it does not allow for permanent residence in Australia like a permanent Parent visa.

The new visa also provides a pathway for existing Parent visa applicants to travel to Australia temporarily to spend time with their children and grandchildren while their permanent Parent visa application is being processed.

There are two steps to apply for this temporary parent visa:

  • Sponsorship Application
  • Visa Application
  1. Sponsorship Application: The sponsorship application has to be lodged by the child of the applicant who is an Australian Citizen or permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. The sponsor has to have lived in Australia for up to least four years.

    During the sponsorship application, the sponsor has to meet the financial requirement. The Sponsorship application commenced on 19th April 2019. The approved sponsorship is valid for six months, and the visa application has to be lodged within this period.
  2. Visa Application: The visa application for the applicant is not yet commenced. To apply for this subclass, the applicant has to be offshore. The visa application can be renewed once for the same period as the first approval.

    The visa application fees for the three years is $5,000, and the visa application fees for five years is $10,000. The payments for the visa application is paid to the department in two instalments.

The main features:

  • No Balance of Family test will be applied
  • You will have no work rights under this visa subclass
  • Require health insurance
  • Must provide evidence of access to funds

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