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visa Life Away from Home

A recent HSBC Bank survey of Indians living overseas gave many surprising insights on their way of life. It was found that with the 1,424 Indian nationals who participated in the survey, their average income is Rs 80,000,000 per annum. This is about 800 times more than the per capita income of India of Rs 112,835, according the latest government statistics.

The individuals surveyed were expat level workers overseas, where 25% were females. More than 30% were between the ages of 18 to 34 while 54% were between the ages of 35 and 54. There were 15% of the surveyed aged 55 and above.

Also, 84% of the individuals surveyed were gainfully employed in the country where they were situated. 51% had established a family overseas and 64% had either owned or recently bought property back home in India. 25% of these homeowners own at least 3 properties in India. 50% have moved up their earning potential with these properties with 31% actually increasing their incomes due to these owned properties. Of the surveyed Indians, more than 66% spend their incomes on homes situated in India.

In another survey, this time by SBS, nearly half of Indians living overseas purchase properties in India with the intention of returning home after their stint overseas. 47% chose to move overseas to advance their careers. Of the preferred destinations, 45% opted for Europe, 29% to the Middle East and 10% chose to be in the Far East.

As for financial advice, 55% seek advice from family members or friends. Even when overseas, Indian nationals are a tight-knit group, getting together so often to celebrate holidays or even personal milestones or events.

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