Australian citizens and permanent residents may be able to sponsor their family members to live in Australia. For some visas in this category, even if you are not an Australian, but your spouse is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, they can also sponsor your family members to live in Australia.

We can assist you in identifying and applying for the most suitable visa for your family members.

Partner Visa – if you would like to sponsor your partner or spouse to move to Australia, we can identify which type of spouse visa they should apply for. No matter what type of spouse visa is required, we will definitely be able to assist you and your partner.

Child Visa – We understand a parent’s difficulty of living away from their child. By consulting with us, we can advise you on which visa would suit your family’s situation, be it for your biological or adopted child, a dependent orphan relative, or a dependent child for your partner visa. Upon identifying the most suitable type of child visa, we can apply on your behalf to ensure that the process flows smoothly.

Parent Visa – There are different types of parent visas available for Australian citizens or permanent residents wanting to bring their parents to Australia. We can assess which options are the best for you and assist you in the whole application process.

Carer Visa – This visa allows the holder to move to Australia to take care of a relative with a long-term of permanent medical condition. Carer visa applications can be tricky if you do not have the expertise. We are proud to state that we have successfully assisted numerous clients to get their carer visas approved. We are confident in our ability to assist you in the application process.