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visa Education and Migration

Australia has one of the biggest immigration programs in the world, with an annual quota intake of about 190,000 permanent immigrants. Nearly 70% of that number is reserved for skilled migrants, who, upon reaching the country, bring with them the necessary expertise.

Australia has allotted 17,300 permanent resident visas for nurses through Subclass 189 for the current year that runs until 2019. Of this number, only 2% have been given invitations as of September 2018.

Other in-demand jobs in Australia also have specific visa allotments for the year. Electricians are reserved 9,303 visa slots while secondary school teachers have 8,480 visa slots. Carpenters have an intake quota of 8,372 while machinists and metal fitters have a quota of 6,979. Motor mechanics have 6,099 visa slots available.

Disappointingly, these quota numbers are far from being completed. Only 15 invitations for electricians and 115 secondary school teachers have been sent while only 10 motor mechanics and 6 carpenters, as well as 6 metal fitters, have been invited as permanent residents to Australia.

The disconnect stems from the fact that while there is a great demand, many possible applicants fail to meet eligibility criteria set for these occupations. Many countries, such as India, would have individuals engaged in these very in-demand occupations but fail to possess the mandatory English proficiency or qualifications for the position. In failing to comply with these qualifications, possible applicants are rendered ineligible to qualify for Australian permanent residency.

Another issue would be the high application numbers for certain positions which have already exceeded their quotas. An example would be Accountants as well as Software Programmers, where the latter’s quota is at 7200 slots with 1231 invites already been sent out.

Still, there are other avenues available for migrants to work in Australia. This was made available through the changes made in the Skill Shortage Occupation list of the Department of Home Affairs. Now, after two (2) year of study in Australia, an international student may be allowed to apply for a post-study work visa, specifically under subclass visa 485.

The following are the courses are popular choices among international students:

  1. Accountancy: This is one of the fastest growing occupations in the world and the students taking up this discipline have increased five-fold from 2001 to 2014. Once qualified, an individual would be exposed to matters on taxation, financial analysis, records keeping as well as compliance regulations. One of the best courses would be a Masters in Professional Accounting, which is highly coveted for both 2018 and 2019.
  2. Engineering: Australia’s burgeoning economy continues to require engineering skilled individuals in the fields of Aeronautical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Software Engineering, Structural Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. According to the recent Good Universities Guide, an engineering graduate in Australia stand to earn, on average $60,705 annually. This is one of the highest salaries in Australia.
  3. Nursing: With Australia being recognized as having one of the best healthcare programs in the world, maintaining that status requires an intake of nurses and other medical professionals. Thus, Australian universities offering nursing courses have become highly regarded in providing nursing and nursing-related education in fields such as Community Health Nursing, Medical Practice Nursing, Child and Family Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing and many others.
  4. IT and Computer Technology: Australia has a high demand for ICT skilled individuals because of its booming economy. An individual with qualifications obtained from an Australian university or excelled in the same field in their home country would be in demand. By studying in this field, international students have a very high chance of getting employed in their field.
  5. Education and Teaching: Australia’s educational system is recognized and renowned all over the world. Amongst the most in-demand teaching specialists are Special Needs Teachers, Pre-Primary Teacher, Primary and Secondary Teachers, Vocational Education Teacher, English as second language Teachers as well as University lecturers.

How Austmss can help:

Austmss are registered migration agents and education agents that can provide able assistance with each phase of the Admission and Visa Application, from documentation, requirements and other essential information.

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