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visa Darwin’s Allure as a Student’s Paradise

Darwin is located on the northern part of Australia, specifically the Northern Territory of Australia. While the area is sparsely populated, this is the largest city in the region.  Despite this, this city is a teeming multicultural city boasting of a population of 140,000 from nearly 60 countries from the around the world. Aside from its metropolitan atmosphere, the city has sustained one of the highest employment rates in the country. This makes the city the paradise for students in finding work as one pursues their degree courses.

This high employment rate in Darwin is but an indicator of the overall development of the Northern Territory. The high employment rate is attributed to the rich natural and mineral resources in the territory, as well as the teeming agriculture and growing tourism industries.  The growth of these industries has put a high premium on skilled as well as qualified workers across many disciplines, such as business, communications, engineering, education, health, IT, tourism and hospitality including the public services sectors.

Darwin offers the best of both worlds of Australia, from the metropolitan to the Outback rolled into one.  Nature is just a stone’s throw away, with diverse flora and fauna and is home to Australia’s popular tourist destinations, namely the Kakadu National Park. This nature preserve is home to kangaroos, wallabies and parrots. The seasons in Darwin are tropical, having a wet and dry season, with the weather patterns being quite regular.

With these conditions present in Darwin, it comes as no surprise that Darwin is one of the most enticing options for students, most especially from South East Asia.  The city is a short hop from many Asian destinations with airlines offering discounted travel fares.

Options for International Students

One of the best schools in Australia can be found in Darwin. Charles Darwin University is one of the premiere educational institutions in the country offering both Vocational Education and Training courses and higher education degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Currently, the international student population of CDU is at 680, coming from 58 countries. The university has over 75 degree programs for international students accredited recognized worldwide. In many of these courses, there is an internship program that provides real world experiences for students to prepare their skill sets in working with employers in their choice of study.

One of the main areas of development for international students is in communication through English. Prior to entering CDU, many of the international students attend Navitas English College to prepare the student for admission into degree programs while Essington International Senior College prepares Senior High School students on campus on earning units towards CDU degrees.

Prior to attending CDU, an international student would be required to obtain a student visa which is issued by the Department of Home Affairs.  One of the provisions of the visa would be to allow the student to work part time while in Australia.

According to the 2010 global International Student Barometer survey, amongst the 29 Australian universities listed, CDU’s international students ranked 1st for Learning and Living Experience, 2nd for Arrival Experience and 4th overall for support.

Employment and Career Opportunities

Students who have obtained degrees or certifications or diplomas from this premiere university have a great number of options in terms of employment and career development.

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