Assistance with Course Selection from a Trusted Course Advisor

At Aust Migration & Settlement Services, we have a team of international education agents who can conduct an assessment and recommend the best course to help you attain your academic and professional goals. Seeking advice and guidance from a trusted course advisor can be extremely helpful when it comes to selecting a course that’s most relevant to you.

Determining Your Options

A number of courses are available for each discipline at the same or different levels of study. Therefore, selecting the right programme can be difficult. But not to worry – we are here to help! Our international education agents hold one-on-one sessions to determine your long-term goals. We work to assess your career goals, interests and financial requirements before suggesting the best program available at the most suitable institute. We can also educate you on the flexible study options available to you during your time studying abroad.

All the relevant course information will be explained by us, including the detailed programme details, admission requirements and fees. Our expertise enables us to present you with detailed information, allowing you to make an informed decision.

After a course advisor has helped you choose a suitable course, we can also help you apply for the admission on your behalf and ensure you gain acceptance.

To learn more about our course selection services, contact Aust Migration & Settlement Services today.