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australian citizenship Characteristics of good character for Citizenship Applications – (From Chapter 11 in Citizenship Policy Dated 1st June 2016 )

Characteristics of good character

Drawing from the definition outlined in Definition of good character, an applicant of good character would:

  • respect and abide by the law in Australia and other countries
  • be honest and financially responsible (for example, pay their taxes, and not be in dishonest receipt of public funds)
  • be truthful and not practise deception or fraud in their dealings with the Australian Government, or other governments and organisations, for example: providing false personal information (such as fraudulent work experience or qualification documents) or other material deception during visa and citizenship applications
  • involvement in bogus marriage
  • concealment of convictions that could lead to the cancellation or refusal of a visa or citizenship
  • involvement in Centrelink or Australian Tax Office fraud
  • giving false names and/or addresses to police
  • not be violent, involved in drugs or unlawful sexual activity, and not cause harm to others through their conduct (for example recklessness exhibited by negligent or drink driving, excessive speeding or driving without licence or insurance)
  • not be associated with others who are involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour, or others who do not uphold and obey the laws of Australia
  • not have evaded immigration control or assisted others to do so, or been involved in the illegal movement of people
  • not have committed, been involved with or associated with war crimes, crimes against humanity and/or genocide
  • not be the subject of any extradition order or other international arrest warrant
  • not be involved in or providing assistance to, or reasonably suspected of being involved in or providing assistance to, terrorist organisations or acts of terrorism overseas or in Australia and
  • not be the subject of any verifiable information causing character doubts. This list is not exhaustive and should be considered in conjunction with Framework for making ‘good character’ decisions.

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