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visa Changes Effective from 16th November 2019

The Department has announced two new visas that will be effective from 16/11/2019.  There will be two new provisional visa subclass and with options for more applicants with additional occupations on the list. (The updated occupation list is currently unavailable).

  1. Skilled Employer Sponsored ( Provisional) – sc494

This is a new visa subclass which will commence from 16/11/2019. It is a five-year provisional visa, and the applicant needs to have an employer in the designated regional area to sponsor and nominate. Apart from the employer sponsorship, the applicant needs to satisfy the other criteria to apply for this visa subclass. There will be 673 occupations available under this visa subclass.

  • Must be under 45 years of age
  • Must have proof of Competent English
  • Has to have a positive skill assessment at the time of the application
  • Have three years of full-time relevant work experience (no part-time equivalent experience can be calculated to meet this requirement)
  • Has to meet Health and medical
  • The position must be designated in the regional area( the definition of the regional area has been simplified, and any part in Australia other than the Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth is considered Regional area)
  • For employers, to sponsor an applicant has to meet the RCB certification for AMSR ( Annual Market Salary Rate), LMT ( Labour Market Testing) requirements and SAF ( Skills Australian Fund Levy)contributions
  1. Skilled Work Regional ( Provisional) – sc491

This visa is a replacement of the current sc489 – regional provisional visa subclass. This visa will have two streams – State/ Territory nominated and Family member sponsored stream. If a family member is sponsoring, the family member has to reside in the designated regional area and should provide proof of documents that will assist financially with accommodation and to participate in English language programs for two years. There will be 504 occupations available under this visa subclass. Apart from the sponsorship, the applicant has to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must be under 45 years of age
  • Occupation on the relevant occupation list
  • Competent English proof
  • Must have score points of 65 to lodge the EOI ( Expression of Interest)
  • Additional visa conditions to be satisfied

Both the sc494 and sc491 are provisional visa, and after working in the regional area for at least three years, the applicant can apply for the permanent visa subclass sc191. The sc191 will be effective only from Nov 2022.

The other changes that are effective from November 2019 are the changes in the point system.

The point system will be the same except for a few of the additional points the applicant can claim. The additional point details are as follows:

  • If nominated by state/ territory or family member, the applicant can claim 15 points
  • For Master degree by research or a doctorate from an Australian educational institution that includes at least two academic years in a relevant STEM field, the applicant can claim 10 points
  • Depending upon the spouse skills and English the applicant can claim one of these points
    • Partner with skill qualifications – 10 points
    • Partner with Competent English but no skill qualifications –5 points
    • Single applicants with no partner – 10 points

Apart from all these changes, the visa subclass 489 and the subclass 187 under the Direct Entry stream will be closed.  There will be no provision to lodge the applications after the closure date.

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