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visa The Basics of Health Insurance for Australian Migration Purposes

When going to Australia for work, study or permanent residency, there is a need for overseas insurance coverage for you and our companions. There are some basics one needs to understand to be able to obtain the best overseas health insurance coverage for Australia.

  1. Pre Existing Condition. This is an insurance term for an ailment or illness which an individual exhibits symptoms or signs of prior to the effectivity of coverage of insurance. These conditions would affect the individual’s ability to work and overall state of health. Examples of these are cancer, diabetes, stroke or less life threatening such as elevated blood pressure, asthma or injury to any of the joints. A pre-existing condition requires no diagnosis for this case. This pre-existing condition is determined in the opinion of the medical practitioner which is employed by the Health Insurance Provider. The medical practitioner would review the individual’s case as far back as six months prior to the effectivity of the insurance coverage.
  2. Waiting Period for Pre-existing Conditions. This refers to the lapse of time required for a person insured before any claim on the insurance can be made. One industry practice is for a health insurer to require the lapse of twelve (12) month before claims on the policy can be made. The insured would need to wait after twelve (12) months before any claim of benefits for any pre-existing condition and pregnancy. Other similar periods include two (2) months after for palliative/rehabilitative care, psychiatric care and others depending on the policy. This waiting period also applies to changes made in health insurance service providers as the lapsed period is carried over to the new one. This provision does not apply though when upgrading an existing plan, because this is essentially a new insurance coverage thus the same waiting time needs to be observed.

Please be reminded that health insurance coverage for Australia differ according to the service provider. The differences are in the terms and conditions, the waiting period as well as some pre-existing conditions. Also, accredited medical practitioners differ between service providers. Their expert opinion decides on whether the insured has a pre-existing condition, ailment or illness. This medical practitioner should not be your current doctor. This practitioner would determine the connection between the pre-condition, if one exists and the claim being made as against the insurance policy. Thus, familiarity with the terms and conditions of the Insurance policy and coverage as to the benefits and waiting period is important.

How AustMSS can help:

AustMSS are registered migration agents that can provide able assistance with each phase of the Partner Visa Application, from documentation, requirements and other essential information. We can be reached at Level 3, Suite 306, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, Australia with Tel: 61 3 9654 8611 / Fax: 61 3 9654 8622